Contest Time! Win The Complete DIGIMON Second Season on DVD!

UPDATE: Contest Over!!!
We will be looking over all submissions and contacting the winners directly. once we confirm with the winners and FlatIron, we will post who won what!

Update #2!!!
All winners have been contacted via Facebook or Google+ or both! PLEASE reply!!! The quicker you do, the quicker we can send the information to FlatIron Films!
Our friends over at Flatiron Film Company is sponsoring our new contest! With the upcoming release of The Official Digimon Adventure Set: The Complete Second Season, the direct sequel to the original Digimon series; and Digimon Adventure: Volume 2, which includes 18 episodes from season 1; take a wild guess at what we are giving away?

That's right! We are giving away 1 Grand Prize of the Complete Second Season, a $79.99 MSRP, and  Digimon Adventure:Volume 2, a $19.99 SRP!!!

So what do you have to do to get in on this?
Lets start with what you need to do for Digimon Adventure: Volume 2.
To win this 18 episodes from story arc 3 from season one is simple...
Like us on Facebook or Google+  and share our contest post on either social network. Simple right?

Next up is our Grand Prize...

Your right if you guessed it would require a bit more effort to win this one! On top of qualifying for the last prize, you must also post a picture proving your geekyness on either our Facebook wall or Google+ page! Not sure you want to try? Then how about a small explanation as to why you want this. Besides this price tag you get ALL 50 EPISODES THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN RELEASED IN THE US!

Here's a refresher if you don't remember this series!

Amazing right? Now for the legal stuff.....
Prizes will be shipped DIRECTLY BY FLATIRON FILM COMPANY. They are sponsoring this contest and will be handling the Prize Distribution. As such, they reserve the right to pull this contest at anytime. This contest will close on April 6th 2013. Winners will be notified by Geek-Grotto and winner information sent to Flatiron Film Company for prize distribution.

Can't wait until the contest ends??? Well then you can purchase The Complete Second Season or Digimon Adventure: Volume 2 on Amazon when it ships on March 26th.

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