Evil Dead's Director, Fede Alvarez, Tells Us A Few Things

We had a chance to chat with Fede Alvarez, the director of the recent Evil Dead movie, and learned a few interesting things.

First and foremost, the movie that was released is his Director's Cut. He was happy to not have to butcher his film to keep an R rating!

Second, and the matter that people think CG was used? "Bulls@#t!. We picked a location were we knew the river would overflow eventually. So we filmed the initial scenes and then went ahead and continued filming the movie. Once the river started rising, we sent a crew to film it while we went ahead with the movie"

What about Bruce? "I initially wanted to bring in Bruce (Cambell) and Ted Raimi, but was told this is my Evil Dead movie, so make it my own!" After that, someone asked about Bruce's cameo at the end, to which Fede said "At first, we didn't have Bruce in it at all. As we started to market the movie, people kept asking if he was in the movie. After people finally started to believe us, we figured let's put him in. So we got him into my office, closed all the blinds, pulled out some lamps and shot it with my camera. In this Evil Dead, Ash does exist somewhere and knows what is happening."

Most of you may have notice Fede wearing an Evangelion t-shirt. When I asked if he was a fan he said " I REALLY wanted to make this a movie, but Del Toro beat me to it with Pacific Rim!"

Thanks to Movies on Demand for giving us this chance. This was an open Q&A session, so only the last question was from me. The rest were from other reporters from other outlets.

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