We Hit The LVL UP Expo In Vegas!

As we are STILL sorting through CES video (our poor geriatric computers) we hit the LVL UP Expo today in sunny, but chilli, Las Vegas! We got to chat to some cosplay favorites like Constantine In Tokyo, Nicole Marie Jean, Spencer Doe and Ani-Mia as well as a new one, Amanda K! Also, due to the costume Kristen Hughey was wearing, it wasn't "conductive" to talking, so we will follow up via email interview with her!

Let me say this, EVERY cosplayer we have talked to have been AWESOME, and these gals and guy were no exception. They were chatty, smiling, happy and well, enjoyed The Geeky Guru's professionalism!

Also, to all the Vegas locals running booths.... you guys were fantastic. It was great to see that despite the Vegas stereotypes (gambling and hookers) we do have a great gaming and anime community!

A few pics have already hit Kaiju's twitter account, but official pics and interviews will start flowing in soon! Until then........uh........ rock on?!

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