It Seems As If Nintendo Just Won Over Everyone At E3!

From announcing Bayonetta 2 including the original to many Nintendo favorites returning in one for or another to some really big exclusives, it feels as if Nintendo just topped Sony's big conference yesterday.


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You can watch the whole Digital Event or scroll down for some tasty nuggets!

Smash Brothers 3DS has been delayed :( October 3rd is the new release date.

Lady Palutena joins the Smash Brothers cast.

Amiibos, an NFC enable "toy" similar to skylanders will bring awesomeness to games like Smash Brothers and Mario Kart 8!

Mario Maker is real! Make your own Mario stages!!!

Bayonetta 2 will noy only contain the ORIGINAL, but also Nintendo themed costumes for the protaginist!

The Devil's Third is now a Wii U exclusive.

A NEW HD Zelda game was shown off using an in engine cinematic... WOW!

Yoshi's Wooly world shown... a Yoshi game where EVERYTHING is made of yarn!

Mario Part 10 announced!

Xenoblade Chronicles X coming to the Wii U!

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