Radical Publishing Previews Damaged #4

Greetings Geeks!

I'm not usually into books like this but I figured if someone like Sam Worthington is attached to the project, then it's probably worth a look. And let me tell you, I am pleasantly impressed by it.

Leonardo Manco's pencil work is stellar. Combined with the brilliant color work, this book really grabs me. Radical Publishing has a pretty nice piece of work here and I'm seriously thinking about picking it up.

That's beside the point. Good news is Radical is thrilled to present the next issue of Damaged!
Synopsis and preview link after the jump...

"The suspense thickens in Damaged #4. With Henry Lincoln and his newfound apprentice, Isaac Lordsman, on the loose and back to their old ways, Frank Lincoln is compelled to hasten his retirement to go after his own brother and finally stop his path of destruction. Meanwhile, policeman Jack Cassidy's world is changing, and not for the better. Now in charge of Frank's former task force, Jack is confronted with a series of troubling discoveries that corrupt everything he once believed in- and nothing can ever be the same."

Damaged is created by John and Michael Schwarz, illustrated by Leonardo Manco, written by Eisner Award-winner David Lapham, and executive produced by Sam Worthington (Avatar).

You can check out the preview here.

It hits stand on December 7th.

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