Spartacus Week- Manu Bennet

Today we Manu Bennet, better known as Crixus! On the show, Manu may have trouble saying the right things to the right people, but here he gives us TONS of information.

Read and Watch more after the JUMP!

From Starz:
Crixus is the former champion gladiator ousted by Spartacus who at a crucial moment came to his rival’s aid and facilitated the escape from Batiatus’s ludus. Crixus is looked up to by his fellow Gauls and is thus a crucial figure in Spartacus’ attempts to hold together the ethnically diverse group of rebels he commands. But Crixus burns for no higher cause than finding his lost love Naevia. If he can’t find and save the woman that was taken from him he’ll lose his reason for living and the rebellion will lose one of its fiercest fighters.

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