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I know, I know. Katherine Heigl films are hardly "Geek." But sometimes you have to sit through the chick flicks to get to see things like "The Grey."

One for the Money is a Katherine Heigl film about a smart and sassy Jersey girl named Stephanie Plum who decides that because she is in financial dire straits, that the life of a Bounty Hunter is for her.

She snags up a job at her cousin’s bail bond business and goes to work. Her first mark? An old love interest. Oh yeah, he’s also an Ex-Cop whose on the lam for killing someone.

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What can I say about “One for the Money”? It’s a generic, by the numbers, romantic comedy that Katherine seems all to eager to sign up for.

The problem with “One for the Money” isn’t the script. It isn’t the supporting cast. It’s Heigl. She just isn’t right for this kind of gig. At no point in the film did I ever buy her as a smart and sassy Jersey girl...ever.
I generally like Heigl's films. The Ugly Truth, Knocked Up, Killers, 27 Dresses. I liked them all to some degree. One for the Money is a crap-egory all it's own. It is NOT to be classified with any of the aforementioned films. Katherine is ridiculously easy on the eyes and she shows off more of her beautiful body in this than I’ve ever seen before, but even my inner pervert can’t forgive this film. (And he's usually REALLY easy to please.) Her performance, her accent, her body language, her internal narrative, it was just

Jason O’Mara plays Joe Morelli, her love interest, and let me say that Jason is by far the best thing in this film. The guy is on the cusp of being an A-Lister. But with jobs like this, I can’t see that happening. He’s talented and charming and pulls off the Morelli role with ease. I kept waiting for a car to hit him and send him back to 1973. At least then it would have been interesting.

John Leguizamo, Daniel Sunjata, Sherri Shepherd, and Debbie Reynolds round out the cast and are all brilliant. They play fun, interesting characters that you want to see more of and get to know. The problem is that this film focuses so much on Stephanie (Heigl) that you never get a real chance to do that.

One for the Money is a dull, generic, romantic comedy flop that makes me want my money back. Wait for DVD...better yet, wait for Cable.

2 out of 5 Geegamons.

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