1/3 Scale Model Star Wars TIE Fighter Appears For Sale on Craigslist

If you're a true Star Wars fan, you've probably got all the series' merchandise such as Princess Leia headphone coversreal-world Star Wars currency, and lightsaber night lights. But we're willing to bet you don't have this: An 8' x 8' x 8' replica TIE fighter, big enough to sit inside and pilot. 

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The signature spaceship of the Empire is a fan-made creation, built from plywood and cardboard. The seller is only asking $150, which is a pretty good price when you consider this beast features laser cannons that "are set to fire standard party poppers." It's got wheeled casters on the bottom of the wings so you can move it around, but it does disassemble to aid in transport. And though it's not rated for intergalactic travel, it is rated to hold 300 pounds' worth of Star Wars fan in the 38" x 38" cabin.

The seller is based out of Olympia, Washington. Given the size of the TIE fighter, it may cost considerably more than $150 to ship it to your home if you're not local. Still, if you're interested, contact information can be taken directly from Craigslist.

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