Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And Just Like That, Bleach Ends

And just like that, the final episode of Bleach has aired, completing this series near decade run. No one knows how much longer the manga will run, but reviews seem positive on this. Too bad I'm about 50 or so episodes behind, so it should end in July for me!

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  1. Take your time and enjoy the show while you can. I just watched this “final” episode of Bleach in the free section of DISHOnline.com and I have to say I am pretty disappointed. If this is really the end I would have expected the animators and producers to at least offer a few special episodes to wrap up the anime in a fitting way. I know the manga is going to continue for at least one more story arch which will probably have a fitting end, doesn’t the anime deserve the same? I have been talking about it with a couple of my DISH coworkers and some of them think this is just a break in production so they may catch up with the manga without producing a bunch of filler episodes. I hope this theory is correct because the fans deserve better.