Capcom Announces SFXT DLC COST :(

Well, via Capcom-Unity just announced the upcoming DLC schedule and pricing for SFXT's DLC and I for 1 am not too happy...

There are some free ones, like Gem Packs, Tournament Support, Combo Presets, and Color Packs. The others though include $20 (1600MSPs) for the 12 additional characters....that are already on disc!

Additional costumes are $1 (80 MSPs) a pop or $13 (1040 MSPs) for either team Capcom or team Namco..
So a cost of $46-$58 if you purchase all the DLC! At times like this, I'd rather NOT have all the DLC on disc that way I know my money isn't going to an unlock code.

Love you Capcom, but not loving this decision...
Source: Capcom-Unity

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