Download Mega Man, Pac-Man for PS3 SFxT on March 13

Yes, Capcom announced via Capcom-Unity that Mega-Man and Pac-Man are DLC available the week after release. The bright side...... IT'S FREE DLC THIS TIME!

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Via Capcom-Unity:
The PlayStation 3 version of Street Fighter X Tekken arrives with bonus characters Cole, Toro and Kuro available right away. Just one week later, you can hop online and pick up (for free) two additional fighters for the PS3 edition.
As of March 13, weirdo versions of these timeless characters will be available for download on PS3. "Mega Man" is based off the notorious bad box art from the original NES game (which also inspired the promotional art for Mega Man 9 and 10) and then Pac-Man rides around a Mokujin mech-thing that shoots lasers. I couldn't have come up with something stranger if I tried. OK, maybe put them on a unicycle and I think we've hit Max Weird.
Street Fighter X Tekken launches on March 6 in the US and March 9 in Europe, with the Vita version to follow later this year.

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