Facebook Pages getting a face lift

Well, you knew it was inevitable. Facebook is changing the look of it's pages to reflect the Timeline style that is currently being rolled out to users.

This change isn't just cosmetic. The social network is also making changes to it's advertising scheme. No longer restricted to the right pane, FB is allowing ads to pop up..well...anywhere! Even in their mobile app! But wait, there's more! The cerulean company is also rolling out an offers feature that will allow pages to host special deals for fans.

<sarcasm>All this change is sure to be a huge hit with Facebook users</sarcasm>

Check the full PR after the jump.

Announcing Offers, New Placements

February 29, 2012

Today we're announcing a new product called Offers and new placements for premium advertising and Sponsored Stories.

Premium Ads and Sponsored Stories on Facebook
Premium ads can now be seen on the log-out page and Sponsored Stories can be seen in News Feed on mobile devices. Sponsored Stories are posts from friends or Pages on Facebook that a business, organization or individual has paid to highlight so there's a better chance people will see them. Like all stories in News Feed, people have control over who sees a Sponsored Story.

Offers are a free new way for businesses to share discounts and promotions directly from a Facebook Page. They can be distributed through the News Feed or promoted as Sponsored Stories. People can redeem Offers via email or on a mobile device.


Announcing an Update to Pages

February 29, 2012

Today we're announcing an update to Pages. It includes a cover photo, larger story sizes, better tools to manage a Page and more. The new features help business and organizations better share their story and connect with people.

New Page features include:

Cover Photo
Businesses and organizations can now add a cover photo to the top of their Page.

Friend Activity
When someone first visits a Page, they may see friends' recent posts spotlighted as friend activity. People will also see how many of their friends are connected to a Page.

Larger Stories, Milestones, and Page Timeline
The new Page design allows Page owners to tell stories through bigger photos and milestones that can include a date and other content.

Pinned Posts
Organizations can pin a post to keep a story at the top of a Page for up to seven days.

Admin Panel
The Admin panel is a new way for Page administrators to track their performance and to respond to private messages from people.

Activity Log
Page administrators have access to a log of their Page activity, including tools to easily highlight, hide or delete posts and change the date of a post

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