The "New" iPad

Greetings Geeks!

I had a busy day at the Digital Sign Expo in Las Vegas and didn't get a lot of time to bring you my usual run of news. So, however delayed, here it is. The NEW iPad!

No...not the iPad 2S. No, not the iPad 3. No, not the iPad HD. Just iPad. The NEW iPad.

More on this including my editorial thoughts after the jump.

Besides it's rather basic moniker, the new iPad has some impressive specs. Quad core graphics, Dual Core processor, 5 MP camera, and the coup d'etat, a ridiculously high resolution screen! How high? 2048 x 1536 "Retina Display". THAT's how high!

The New iPad is also 4G ready, for those of you who actually GET 4G.

The RAM has yet to be announced, but I'm expecting 1GB. (Anything less would be uncivilized)

The pricing is as follows:
$499 (16GB WiFi)
$599 (32GB WiFi)
$699 (64GB WiFi)

$629 (16GB WiFi + 4G)
$729 (32GB WiFi + 4G)
$829 (64GB WiFi + 4G)

Editorial portion: 
I am an Android lover. I converted from Apple Fan Boy to Google Fan Boy some time ago and never really looked back. That being said, this "New iPad" doesn't really change that for me. Yeah, it's got a sick, sick, sick screen resolution and quad core graphics..but that's where it ends for me.

For me, tablet computing is all about the experience and not the numbers. Besides those numbers, it's still the same old iOS with the same old crippling limitations. Limitations that Ice Cream Sandwich has beat them by a mile in.

Oh, but now it does voice commands...which...Android has done for years.

My Android tablet already currently has a dual core processor and a 5 MP camera (with a flash). It also runs HD video, doesn't require iTunes to sync new data, and isn't limited to MP4 video formats. Let's not forget Android's AWESOME selection of widgets, Adobe Flash, a MicroSD card slot, HD output and a USB port. Oh yeah, and it's almost a year old.

Sorry Apple. I'm a little underwhelmed. Seriously though, Great job on the screen. It really is amazing. You'll have them lining up outside your store again for sure.

What do you think about the New iPad? Leave your comments below. I'll be interested to hear what you think.

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