Anime Network Online May Release Info!

The Anime Network Online has not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, but 7 series premiering next month! Titles still airing on Japanese TV like Mysterious Girlfriend X,  Queen's Blade: Rebellion and more make this an interesting month for anime fans!

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Book of Bantorra

The Bantorra Library is home to books who used to be dead people. Visitors are able to read these books and learn about their own past. The Library’s Armed Librarians use psychic powers to defend against the religious society Sindeki Kyoudan.
Starts: May 4
Language: English
Rated: TV-MA
Want to see more? Check out the Book of Bantorra preview featuring Director Chris Ayres

Mysterious Girlfriend X

Mikoto Urabe odd one. As a fresh transfer student into Akira Tsubaki's class, it's expected for her to be shy at first; what he gets instead is an anti-social loafer that carries scissors in her underwear and breaks out in insane fits of laughter! An innocent kiss throws Tsubaki for a loop, when he discovers that he has become curiously enamored (or addicted) to Urabe, and she knows JUST what to do with him. With a new toy to play with, there's no telling what's in store for Tsubaki, as "swapping spit" takes on a whole new meaning in Mysterious Girlfriend X!
Starts: May 11, Fridays @ 3 PM EST
Language: Japanese w/ English Subtitles

Medaka Box

A suggestion box: if you have a problem at school and want someone to help, you add it in the box. Simple, right? Student Council President Medaka Kurokami is about to learn that in her school, things don't go that smoothly. A new entry into the box reveals an unbelievable secret, one that threatens to engulf Medaka and Hakoniwa Academy into it's growing maelstrom. Along with her council members and their strange new found abilities, plus a big problem only they can solve, they're in for a wild ride, because a slip of paper can mean a world of trouble in Medaka Box!
Starts: Eps. 1 & 2 on May 12, Saturdays @ 2 PM EST
Language: Japanese w/ English Subtitles

Kids on the Slope

It’s the summer of 1966 and high school freshman Kaoru Nishimi is struggling to adjust to the latest of many moves in his young life, this time to his uncle’s home in the seaside town of Kyushu. It’s never easy adjusting. But this time will be different. This time he’ll meet friends who’ll change his life forever. And he’ll discover a new passion, one that grabs his heart and rocks him to his very soul. It’s called JAZZ, and together with bad boy Sentaro and music store girl Ritsuko, they’re going to follow their muse to wherever their music takes them! Get ready to be blown away as the acclaimed team behind COWBOY BEBOP reunites for a tale of life, love and all that jazz in THE KIDS ON THE SLOPE!
Starts: May 13, Sundays @ 2 PM EST
Language: Japanese w/ English Subtitles


Yuki is anything but social. Shy and completely inept when it comes to male or female relationships, he suddenly finds himself on a fishing trip with three other boys he barely knows. Each new friend has a strange quirk, one that makes them stand out over the rest, but while they fish, they're in another world. There are lots of different kinds of fish stories, from the “ones that got away” to the “best catches ever,” but whichever way the currents of life take them, for four young men, this trip may turn out to be the biggest whopper ever in Tsuritama!
Starts: May 13, Mondays @ 3 PM EST
Language: Japanese w/ English Subtitles

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

60 years ago, a young woman was left to die in the abandoned school building behind the exclusive Seikyou Academy. Perhaps it’s not so surprising then, that among Seikyou’s many school clubs is one for students interested in “paranormal investigations.” Unable to remember how she died and trapped in the grey land between life and death, the ghost girl Yuuko latches onto Teiichi Niiya, a freshman who can inexplicably see her, and together they and the other unsuspecting members of the club begin to unravel the many dark mysteries that surround Seikyou. In a tomb of silent classrooms, the answers await in Dusk Maiden of Amnesia.
Starts: Eps. 1 & 2 on May 16, Wednesdays @ 2 PM EST
Language: Japanese w/ English Subtitles

Queen's Blade: Rebellion

There's a fine line between a generous and noble ruler, and an oppressive tyrant heretic: a line easily crossed by the power hungry Queen Claudette. Amidst the chaos of the times, a new generation of warriors will assert themselves and bare their naked fury in open rebellion! the queen holds all the cards, however, with her Amazonian ranks ready and waiting to meet the rebels in open combat. But the incredible wits and assets of the dazzling array of daring damsels willing to risk their gorgeous skins and put their lithesome bodies on line against her, might just expose a few unexpected weaknesses in the queen’s support! The goal is clear and our band of buxom beauties aim to strip the queen from her throne in QUEEN’S BLADE: REBELLION!
Starts: May 17, Thursdays @ 3 PM EST
Language: Japanese w/ English Subtitles

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