Instagram comes to Android


Greetings Geeks!

Instagram is now available for Android. So you can now muck up your photos and make them look all "retro". At this point, it's a fully functional port to Android. Though there are a few features that will not be included in the first version of the Android app (Tilt Shift / Blur, Share from Feed, Live Preview and Share to Flickr) But rest assured that they have every intention of bringing those options to you in the near future.

As of now, Instagram is supported on any phone running Android 2.2 or above but Android tablets are not invited to the game as of yet.

There's a maximum resolution support of 2,048 x 2,048, and the company assures us that the "exact same filters and algorithms are implemented on both [iOS and Android builds], so there is no difference in the output other than the raw image quality that differs between phones."

Source: Engadget

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