Tumblr for Android Gets a Makeover

Standard view when creating a new post

Salutations all! Within the past few weeks, the official Tumblr for Android app has gotten a MAJOR overhaul in design and functionality. Much of this comes from the website itself grabbing some new bells and whistles. Take a jump to view some more screen shots and details!

 The updated profile tab
New quick access widget

If you've used Tumblr before from a mobile device, especially on the Android OS, the user interface and left you wanting more out of the app. Tumblr has definitely filled that void with their latest release. Everything has been redesigned. The quick access widget mimics the buttons that are similarly used when creating a new post in the app. The profile tab gives you more access and information without having to link to the mobile browser. The speed in loading and scrolling through posts is noticeable compared to the previous version. Also debuting in the latest update are the popular stream (the radar button) and the pull down to refresh function. 

Newly added: pull down to refresh
Newly added: Popular stream view
Standard stream view

If you're a big fan of Tumblr you'll definitely appreciate the improvements!

4.5/5 Geegamon!

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