Anime Network's Wabi-Sabi Wednesday For This Week is?

This week, The Anime Network gives us the 1st 2 episodes of Little Snow Fairy Sugar.

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Little Snow Fairy Sugar

The Season Fairies make the weather, each kind having its own specialty. Only full-fledged fairies have this ability. Sugar is an apprentice Snow Fairy. She and her friends, Salt and Pepper, have had all of the training and now need to find magical “Twinkles”. Unfortunately, none of these fairies know what a Twinkle is. However, they do find a human girl, Saga, who can see them when others can’t. Saga prefers a quiet and orderly life, becomes the rather unwilling helper to these noisy, lively, little fairies.
Eps. 1 & 2 FREE
Available on AN Online in English
Rating: TV-PG

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