Final Product Images of Toyworld's Third-Party Megatron Figure

Look out next month, geeks, because Megatron AKA Toyworld's 'Hegemon' is coming soon in a UPS box near you!

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This brilliant addition to any Transformers fan's collection will mark my first video review, which will be posted immediately after I rip this baby open!

"Such heroic nonsense."

If you'd like to do the "smart" thing and pre-order this awesome figure from Toyworld's affiliate site,visit

To see more of Toyword's upcoming projects, go to

*Update* Unfortunately, since this isn't a licensed Takara/Hasbro product, it does not feature the infamous Decepticon insignia. Fear not, grotto dwellers! Popular figure graffiti site, Reprolabels has all the toy tattoos you'll need to complete your purchase! At $7 on average for the 36-sticker insignia sheets, it's relatively reasonable. 

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