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Greetings fellow geeks and geekettes! PhotonWaveZero and KingTigre here with a belated X-Review of Joss Whedon's written/produced horror Cabin In the Woods.

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Five friends go for a break to a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods. - IMDB


The Movie...

Cabin in the Woods is the best Horror film I've seen in years. I am not exaggerating. Everything about this film was spot on brilliant!

The story follows a group of stereotypical characters to a stereotypical cabin in the stereotypically creepy woods. It stereotypically has no cell service and is even forewarned to be dangerous by a stereotypical back water hillbilly psycho. Why am I using the "stereotypical" adjective so excessively? Because the brilliance of this movie isn't in it's basic plot, it's in it's deeper sub plot.

Joss Whedon has crafted a horror film that actually gives you a reason for all those horror film stereotypes. In watching Cabin In The Woods, you are opening yourself up to one of the most creative spins on horror ever. Why is there always a whore? Why is there always some backwater hillbilly? Why is there never friggin' cell service? Why is there always some innocent whom you are routing for to survive this horror? All is explained and more!

The cast is spot on in this one. Chris Hemsworth of course known for his amazing performance as The Mighty Thor plays the "Stereotypical" jock character in this film. His performance is clever and effective. The real star of this film has to be Fran Kranz's performance as the joking paranoid stoner, Marty. He is a perfect blend of Shaggy and your typical paranoid conspiracy theorist. The rest of the cast is well rounded and all turn out a great performance.

It's hard to write about this movie without spoilers and since this is a X-Review I will try to wrap this up. The Cabin In The Woods is a clever and exciting trip through the cliches of the horror genre that will leave you craving more!

Over to you PhotonWaveZero!

The Verdict?
4.5 Geegamons


The Movie...

Thanks, Ollie! Now, onto my impressions of the film. Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods is quite possibly the most original horror movie I've seen in recent years. Boasting 'horrifically' awesome visuals and a disturbingly original concept, it never falls victim to typical horror movie cliches,and when it does, it always plays out with actual written purpose courtesy of Whedon's trademark gusto. In one word, everything just WORKS, much like Whedon's more recent wittily written success known as The Avengers. *wink

As previously established by my buddy KingTigre, the film follows a group of college students doing the tried and true format of one retarded decision after the other. The brilliant thing about this movie in particular, however, is that it gives these ridiculously corny stereotypes actually believable reason to be the way there are, and why they're the way they are. It gives you a whole new perspective on the nearly exhausted story arc of watching immature dumb$#!+s making predictably bad decisions resulting in grizzly and sometimes 'cornily' bad death sequences. I mean, seriously, you'd think these dimwits NEVER watched a horror movie in their life, but after the enlightenment this film provided, it all makes perfect sense. Thanks to Whedon's writing, we can all take to our computers and write "I forgive you" e-mails to the writers/directors of the last 30 Friday the 13th flicks.

Cabin in the Woods has arguably breathed life into horror movies again, and it's rare when a movie of this genre's build up is just as entertaining as the climax regardless of the time it took to get there. Oh yes, geeks. The last act of Cabin in the Woods is just !@#$ing cool (putting it bluntly and accurately). While I won't spoil the ending of the film in any sense, the pay off can be likened to that of a good Tales from the Crypt episode. If you liked the "WTF" feeling then, you'll be pleased to see it return with a lovely vengeance in this 'awesomefest'. I personally haven't purchased a horror film in ages, but this movie is a 'buy-on-site' for me. Be sure to pick this up when it rears its gory head on Blu-Ray and DvD. Trust me, you will walk away smiling.

The Verdict?
4.5 Geegamons


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