This Week's Wednesday Wabi-Sabi Is....

This week it's the ENTIRE Mezzo series! Not including the Mezzo Forte OAV, which you should watch as well.... if your over 18!

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In the near future, Tokyo advances significantly in the world of technology. Androids and high tech gadgets are now commonplace all over the area. Whether it`s serving as a bodyguard for a desperate adult or securing the transporting of biological weapons, Suzuki Mikura, Kurokawa Kenichi, and Harada Tomohisa are always on the case. After a few cases, they uncover a massive scandal along with plenty of corruption. Someone is out to kill off the DSA! The DSA is in over their heads in what could be their last mission.

Entire Series FREE to Watch
Available on AN Online in English
Rating: TV-14

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