Sunday, September 23, 2012

Macross FB7 Trailer!!!

This years TGS seemed to be a bit light in console news, but Bandai Namco did hold a Macross 30th Anniversary Celebration! They had the Voice Actress for Ranka Lee, Megumi Nakajima, hold a mini concert as well as the winner of the 30th Anniversary Miss Macross Idol Search, Haruka Chisuga, making her Macross singing debut!

Read more and watch the trailer after the jump!!!

Sources: Macross FB7 Site  Kotaku's Macross 30th Anniversary Story

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  1. It's interesting. I was expecting to see Fire Bomber on the Macross Frontier for some reason. It's only 14 years into the future. The Macross 7 cast would still be alive. Would have been cool to see a VF-22 go up against the VF-25.