Video Game High School Season 1 Review

If you do not yet know who Freddie Wong is, then, quick-- Do yourself a favor and click on his name and go watch everything he has RIGHT NOW.  (37 Hours Later):  Good, right?  So anyways, not too long ago Freddie Wong wrapped up the first season of Video Game High School, his first truly full length production effort.  Below is my review:

One of the first things most people, including myself, would be tempted to say is, "considering these are short videos made for youtube.... blah blah blah."  But, I'm not going to start that way.  Nope.  My dear Freddie Wong you shall be judged on the same scale as all the other big production hot shots!  With that in mind, let us examine the show.  Freddie Wong applies his unusual interpretation of cinematography throughout the show which is what gives the show it's unique vibe.  From the very beginning Freddie introduces us to a pseudo reality that the characters seem convinced of throughout the whole of the experience.  This lends a genuine credibility to the world that pulls it up from the muck and mire of so-so recent college grad work and transcends into the plane of genuine entertainment.  The experience that is Video Game High School is not some 'stumbleupon' bored youtube short video click-a-find, but a whole-hearted experience more akin to the likes of Red vs. Blue in terms of production quality.

Freddie draws us in with likable and interesting characters even if they are a bit overdrawn.  The whole of the show (especially the characters) has a charming cartoony quality which only strengthens the odd universe the characters occupy.  From the start we're sucked into the life of BrianD as he is swept into a larger than life chance at attending Video Game High School due to his defeat of the infamous "The Law".  While I certainly won't spoil the show for you; it should be noted that the show follows a winding bunny trail of interpersonal/relationship drama that's more college-esque than high school in nature.  However, the viewer will quickly forget small quibbles like this as he is drawn into the drama, conflict, and action that takes place between BrianD and The Law.  Each of the nine episodes in season one is of a length similar to a full production show minus commercials.  Total run time comes in at about the two hour mark and what a thrilling two hours it is.  You'll watch crazy dance movies, epic gun battles, tense school drama, drift action, silly moments and more.

So, after it's all said and done, if this was a full DVD/Blu-Ray release, would I drop money on it?  Absolutely!  The show is indeed geeky and worthy of geek love and admiration.  Freddie Wong, the master shredder, can shred my geeky heartstrings all day long!

4 Geegamons out of 5 for this first effort!
Video Game High School Trailer

We haven't heard anything from the writer since this review was written, but decided to post it as it was a good review.

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