Capcom makes a "Big" announcement at NYCC

Greetings Geeks!

Bear with me on this one Geeks because I promise there is a point.

So here's the scenario...

You're out on the town with your buddy. For the sake of the narrative, let's call him "Ono".

Ono says "Hey, dude. I've got this SUPER HOT chick that I'm dying to introduce you to."
So you're like "Yeah? Sounds cool. Let's go!"

Ono says "The club is all the way across town." So you start your journey and not 3 miles out, your car breaks down. So you try the subway, but the trains stopped running because it's so late. Ono insists that this chick is so HOT that it's worth it. So beaten but not defeated you try hitchhiking only to find out the dude that picked you up is some creeper who listens to John Tesh in the nude...while driving. So you walk it. It takes FOREVER to get there. But then, there it is! The club! The lights are beautiful and the music is jumping. You walk inside and Ono says "Oh, here she is!" You turn your gaze, filled with the excitement of a school boy. And realize...the "SUPER HOT" your a new pair of shoes.

That's what just happened today in New York City. Your buddy Ono just took you through hell and back only to find out that the Darkstalkers you were expecting, were the Darkstalkers you've already had...several times every position possible.

Capcom has announced Darkstalkers Resurrection for Playstation Live and Xbox Live Arcade. It's not a new game. It's the same damn Darkstalkers that you already own. A bundle that includes The Night Warriors (Vampire Hunter) and Darkstalkers 3 (Vampire Savior), on both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade sometime early next year.

I know I'm feeling pretty underwhelmed. How about you?

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