Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cartoon Network yanks DC Nation until next year!

Well, today I get home and decide to watch both "The Green Lantern"  and "Young Justice: Invasion" only to see Dragons recorded instead. A quick Google search and all was revealed, and it sucks! For some stupid reason CN decided to pull the DC Nation block until January! No reason, no warning, nothing.

Bad call CN, bad call.

What do you guys think..... And yes, if you listened to the Moka a couple of weeks back, you know that some of us don't think highly of the lantern, but I want your opinions on CN's decision.

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  1. So yeah we're pretty hard on DC over at the MOKA, but I for one have nearly always loved their animation since Batman The Animated series. With that in mind I had been waiting all summer for the time when I could again enjoy especially Young Justice and even Green Lantern (which admittedly grew on me).

    My biggest problem with what CN did was the absence of communication to the fans as well as the seeming absence of any real programming that hearkens to the fact that they are celebrating their 20th anniversary. I'm looking for something along the lines of special 20th anniversary bumpers and the return of Toonami: Rising Sun and Toonami and hell where is Tom with my impromptu commercial break game reviews. Where is my Dexter/Power Puff Girls crossover. Where is Megas XLR. Nope...they preempted DC Nation to celebrate their 20th with How To Train My Dragon, did I miss something because that has nothing to do with the 20yr history of Cartoon Network