Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tai Chi Zero - Trailers

Greetings Geeks,

This is one of those interesting situations where a film can appear to have a completely different slant depending on where it's marketed. Submitted for your approval: Tai Chi Zero. A Steampunk Martial Arts epic. That's right...I said Steampunk and Martial Arts in the same sentence.

Tai Chi Zero is the tale of a magically gifted martial artist and his quest to learn the elusive Chen style of kung fu. When he arrives at Chen Village, our hero discovers he has to fight to earn the Master's respect. And this is going to involve hacking a giant steampunk machine, as well as stealing some kung fu moves from the Master's daughter.

Based on the Chinese trailer, I'm very excited to see this one. Based on the American trailer, I'm not. Hit the jump to see both of the trailers.

And here is the American version of the trailer...which is...different.


  1. wow, the US trailer had me writing off the movie all together.... The international trailer hooked me in.

    The US marketing team needs to be fired as they are making the movie look like crap!

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