Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Justice League Movie is coming in 2015

Greetings Geeks,

News from Warner Bros. on the upcoming Justice League film and it seems that the gauntlet has been dropped. The L.A. Times is reporting that the studio is planning on beginning filming next year with a Summer 2015 release date. This puts it VERY close to the May 1st, 2015 release date for The Avengers 2!

So there you have it. DC Comics is taking it to the mattresses. The studio has no plans on releasing any tie-in films before hand. Though speculation is running wild that Henry Cavill will be the Superman of choice for the film.

Can the WB successfully pull off a team hero franchise without using Marvel's proven formula of releasing build up films? Time will tell.

Until then, let the speculation fly!


  1. While I am inclined to agree, I feel as though DC's built in fan base will jump at this chance. People don't need a lot of build up for these characters because they aren't that deeply developed to begin with. People know Aquaman swims, Flash is fast, Wonder Woman is...well...wonderful? So I think WB will do what it does best and go to some more well known names in Hollywood to help sell it. Then the general populace, fresh off of a great team superhero movie high with the Avengers 2 will dash to theaters to see it. If this movie fails, I will be very surprised.