CES 2013: Hands on with Aftershokz and an interview with Dennis Taussig

While at CES we had a chance to speak with Dennis Taussig of Aftershokz about their current line of products. What sets Aftershokz apart from mere headphones is that there are no speakers! These headphones use bone conduction to pump the sound straight into your eardrum without covering your ears, thus allowing you to still hear everything around you.

We tried a set at CES and let me tell you.... We were blown away. Even after maxing out the volume I could still hear everything around me and the audio was crystal clear. This is the same tech the Military and Law Enforcement has been using for years now at home!

I could go on and on, but we'll just let Dennis Taussig, the Vice President and CMO of Aftershokz tell you himself after the break!

These products are perfect for both work and play. Just imagine.... you can listen to your favorite music and still hear your boss sneak up behind you! You could be running in the park and hear the bike courier ride up behind you.

It goes without saying, these are definitely worth every penny and then some.
Read more at Aftershokz Homepage
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