CES 2013: Hands on with the Archos Titanium Line and interview with Craig TerBlanche!

At CES we had a chance to visit ARCHOS' booth and play with some of their upcoming tablets, especially the Titanium line. These are low priced Google certified devices with AMAZING IPS screens. Do not let the low prices fool you as these are very capable machines.

We here used to own a few Gen 8 101IT's and well, besides near flawless media playback, were just "meh". That is no longer the case as the 97 Titanium comes with a 9.7" 2048x1536 pixel screen, Dual Core 1.6 Ghz A9 CPU, and a Mali 400 GPU. Even better, you get FULL HD 1080P HDMI out, 2 USB Ports (1 host and 1 to connect to your PC) and a MicroSD slot that is compatible with up to 64GB cards! All this at a little over a pound!

After the Jump, ARCHOS' Craig TerBlanche walks us through the Titanium line!

As it wasn't already obvious, we were extremly impress with the direction ARCHOS is taking with their tablets. The only was to make the Titanium line even better would be to snap a Tegra 4 or one of the new Snapdragon processors, but even without, they are great upgrades over the previous ARCHOS tablets.

Read more at ARCHOS.com

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