CES 2013 product sneak peek: The Tylt Energi

PowerBag has some new competition, and from what we have seen, they should be scared! The Tylt Energi, expected sometime in April of this year, is the latest in battery powered backpacks. From what we got to see at CES, this bad boy has some features the PowerBag really needs!

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First, the Energi comes with a 10,400 mAh battery! That's 1400 mAh more than Powerbag's current highest offering. Then what I consider the best part, the battery can be used outside of the bag! So when you want to charge your buddy's phone, but he still wants to use it, pop it out and charge! Another feature, absent from Powerbag's offerings, you can route your power cables to almost any pocket! That means there are 7 possible locations where you can place your device, including a pocket designed for tablets.

Also, unlike the Powerbag, there are 3 USB ports you can choose from. Our Powerbags have 3 hardwired cables and 1 USB port that trickle charges my Nexus 7. The Tylt has 2 1amp and 1 2.1 amp USB port, so charge what you want!

From what we have seen and played with, we are very excited for this to come to market.

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