CES photo gallery

The Viewsonic Girls
Well, we had 1 full day at CES and there is only so much you can do... But we did have fun and snapped up some pics to share!

Peek at them after the jump!

The Pelican iPhone 5 case is a TANK. Expect a write up soon!

The Archos Gamepad... Better than what we expected! Expect a write up soon!

Random cuteness

The Archos Family Pad... 13.3 inches of Android. Expect a write up soon!

Nero had girls walking the floor to take pictures with

That rusty NAS is from IO Safe... after they drowned it and then torched it! Expect a write up soon!

Synology was there showing off DMS 4.2 Beta. Expect a write up soon!

Rumored Steam Box... was actually pretty awesome in persone
What a way to show off these little boxes!
Server applications of these little boxes

Uh... oops, took the pic before I saw the sign!

Play your old NES, SNES and Genesis carts on the go? SOLD!

PAC MAN Anyone?

The Sphero test track!

A TV stand with built in audio that sounds great!

Life is Good

Good stuff

Qualcomm... 5 minutes before they were slammed!

Samsung had a great booth that was near impossible to walk through

The Huawei Ascend Mate. 6.1" of Android

The Huawei Ascend Mate next to a Nexus 7!

The Acsend W1, Huawei's first Windows Phone 8 device!

We'll have write ups and videos over the next week or 2, until then, enjoy!

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