David Christopher - AT&t Mobility

Last years highlights, like Devlab, sphero, Watson speech API, and more...

App resource optimizer getting full windows 8 support.

New Speech API features...gaming, social, Chinese French, German, Italian, and Japanese.

Advertising API. 80% rev goes to devs

$100 gets deva the ability to have 1,000,000 API transactions.

Alpha API program- gets devs directly with the API creators and more. Things like real time SMS translations,.

Customer profile API... Shai Leib from Ask Ziggy...  In alpha... Entering just your phone number will enter all your customer info from AT&T.

Webrtc- real time communications via browsers with no plugins. Mozilla and Chrome on board. Calling and video chats using the Call Management API.

In Alpha, it gives you Google Voice type features ...

Johns Wantz and Kyle Schei from Mya Number... Your 1 AT&T number using webrrc and you can call on your phone, tablet, connected car, web and more.

Mya Number is demoing. If I decline a call, it forwarded to the next allowed number... If it's declined it not answered it can be picked up on a PC via browser.. Now showing txting on a pc and using your same number..

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