Micro Review: Ikaruga on Android

The Dreamcast and GameCube classic and fan favorite, Ikaruga, is back, and now you can play it anywhere! Developed by Treasure, Ikaruga has been seen as many as a spiritual successor to the Sega Saturn favorite Radiant Silvergun. One thing is for sure... Ikaruga is most definitely a Bullet Hell Shooter and is far from easy.

How does that look?
Is that a Dreamcast in your pocket or are you happy to see me? The answer is Both! I was amazed when I first played Ikaruga on my Nexus 7. Considering the Dreamcast and GameCube were limited to 640x480 (via VGA) and 480P respectively, the game looks amazing on Android. Silky smooth and no noticeable slowdown from my play though, this game will easily put a smile on shoot em up fans. Since the game had a vertical screen orientation it's right at home on Android phones and tablets

One word... Perfect . Everything sounds the same compared to my Dreamcast and GameCube games. Granted, I never listened to the console variants with headphones.

Very responsive. You drag your finger across the screen to move your ship while 3 soft buttons line the bottom of the screen.

With the exception of G-Gee's horrible interface for their social network, Ikaruga is dead on perfect!

4.5 out of 5 Geegamons

Buy it now on the PLAY Store

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