Micro Review: Lemmings on the PlayStation Mobile Format

Months ago, Sony shuttered Studio Liverpool, the company formally known as Psygnosis. Fast forward and the Psygnosis classic, Lemmings, is now available as a PlayStation Mobile title for your Vita or PlayStation certified Android device.

Lemmings was always a title a colorful title. And the tiny Lemmings have always been not so detailed due to their size. Well that remains true. With that said, they are still clearly identifiable and whether you have 9 or 99 on screen, stay still march mindlessly without slowing a frame.
Very simplistic... The Lemmings have a high pitch sound that can get annoying. I haven't heard any background music as of yet besides the title and options screens... Not much more to say.
In game the touch controls work perfectly! This is quite possible the most natural way I have ever played Lemmings. Now for the title and options screens... Well, not as responsive.
I still wish Studio Liverpool made this game themselves or if the staff reorganised as Psygnosis to do it. Either way, one of the original PC and Amiga time wasters is back and for free!

3 out of 5 Geegamons

Lemmings is available for free on Playstation Mobile, so for your Vita and select Android devices.

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