Saturday, February 9, 2013

Op Ed : New Xbox & PS4 not Backward Compatible?

Will E3 Squash The Rumors of "Non-Backwards Compatible"  Next Gen XBox and PS4 or Squash the Desire of  Current System Holders to Upgrade?

A tweet from Kotaku caught my eye,Of course I had to swing over to check this out for myself. The first post I see?

Of course much of this is speculation but, Hmmm. Many points claiming everything from the engine used to game play mechanics, including the Mock Up of the PS4 controller. I've heard the grumbling of many customers about the current price and non-backwards play-ability, wishing to buy the 360 or PS3, So I have yet to imagine the new system's price point. But to shell that out and then Have to buy new games for it? Forget the blow to those that resell used games. They will either be unable to due to the embedded 1use registration code or limited pre-owned stock.

Shelf Life of 360 and PS3 Systems?
Price Point of the older systems after Release?
Big leaps between memory like the 4Gig and 250Gig 360?
What about those folks that signed up for the $99 Xbox that still have payments? How cheated will they feel?
The Super Baby Slim or pet-named PS3.5 owners?

I now it's a bit early to say anything is concrete, and every minute I spend thinking about the new systems a new question comes to mind
. Am I praying to the Gaming Gods they do indeed make these Backwards compatible? Of Course! But we know they have selective hearing.


  1. Well, for a financial point of view, Backwards Compatibility (BC from now on) would be great, but seriously, how often is it really used anymore?

    The Xbox 360 handled BC for games via emulation, and MS stopped bothering years ago Not all games are emulated.

    The initial launch PS3's had an emotion chip for BC... and Sony yanked that after about a year...

    The current Wii mini (Canada) does not have Gamecube support. And I think the Wii U doesn't support the Gamecube either (I could be wrong)

    BC is something that has been around for about what, 12 years? Starting with the release of the PS2.

    so lets peak at what some of us Old people had to deal with:

    I went from an NES, SNES, N64, to a gamecube... ZERO BC, no problems.

    From a Sega Master System, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast... Zero BC except for the Genesis. If your wanted to play Master System games, you needed an adapter.

    Now these systems covered the better part of 2 decades with Zero BC, and people were happy to buy new games. I don't recall reading in magazines about BC (no internet for the public yet), people were just amazed for the next big thing.

    I stood in line for every system launch from 1994 to last year.... financial reasons keep me from owning a Wii U, but that will be fixed soon-ish. Every time I bought at least 1 game, usually a fighter for the past 2 generations, and within a 2 weeks had another... Not once did BC matter to me.... I kept my old systems to make sure i kept 100% compatibility.

    So, sure, my wallet wants BC, but I will not deny myself another game system because it doesn't have it. I will deny myself if I don't agree with the company, so no Apple here :)

  2. From being an older gamer, I personally have lived though the old school era of 'BC' time and again, via the Atari 7800 (which played 2600 games right out of the box) and Sega Genesis w/ its Master System Coverter. Course the master converter was an add on, and not built in.

    Hell, before that I had the Atari 2600 Module for the Colecovision game system. Even with the Game Boy Advance (and SP) being able to play, older GB and GBC titles, not to mention the myriad of sweet 'converters' we all had ranging from the Kisato Card for the PC Engines/TG 16s, to the SNES and Genny Converters.

    Back then it was a grand time for BC, and Converters cause man it was fresh, and new and it unlocked so many options, especially if you didn't have the room for multiple systems. Personally I ran over 30 or so actually systems, and 3500 plus games, when the Gamecube had finally released, and to be able to consolidate was a tempting thing indeed. Especially in the case of the PSone and PS2, which took a nice bit of space, since I had the 1000 and 3000 series of Playstation, and a mini PSone with the screen, along with my PS2.

    When Nintendo put put the small cube, I was actually happy as hell. Here I had a small home system, that slapped out some amazing games, and could fit just about anywhere. I admit, it was pretty boss at the time.

    Sorry I'm losin myself... Bit of a fanboy moment, there with my cube.

    Back to the BC dealio.

    After the original Xbox gave way to the 360, I was extremely happy that BC had been implemented for the 360, cause my original Xbox was a BEAST of a system in size and it scared the hell out of all other systems, save the Neo Geo... Even that was a head up fight, however as they both were quite imposing. However, Microsoft jacked that up when it seemed all the great AAA titles were soundly ignored during the initial roll out of titles for the original Xbox that were able to be played on the 360.

    Course that did change, over time.

    Then we had the Wii, which was great as well and save us a bit of space (But not too much since the cube was small).

    This is when things really changed in the realm of digital content, imo.

    1. *continued from above

      Xbox Live seriously kicked things up offering more than any of the competition as far as DLC, movies, games and more. Live underwent some sweet revisions, and older titles from the original Xbox were incorperated, along with many retro games for older systems, and original contend.

      Sony followed suit with PSN, as they rolled out a slew of classic PSone games, playable on the PSP and PS3, not to mention retro games for other systems, and what not.

      Nintendo came with the thunder too, offering the single largest collected of classic NES, SNES, Genesis, and TG-16 games available for download, and more so went as far as to add stores for their DSi systems, and then the new virtual console for the 3DS, and this is on top of the Wiiware store and games for the Commodore, Master system and import SNES games.

      The digital revolution changes the playing field, completely. Emulation became the 'it factor' again with many companies touting monster retro line ups from their respective virtual stores.

      Sony even added PS2 games recently to PSN, and shows no signs of slowing down either, while Nintendo is refitting their virtual console line up for the new Wii (which is also BC out of the box, but requires the Wii channel to do, making the system literally run as a Wii, and not a Wii you. It's like 2 systems in the same box).

      I think at this point in the game, more companies will be looking towards the digital plane, when it comes to any BC. The emulation will be pushed forward and we will see some awesome shifts in the content offered and it will cost a great deal less that having to build a system that would be BC (ask Sony about that one).

      I think that with the sheer power of these new systems, and the slew of older games available on Live, the VC and PSN, it will be a matter of time before we see Wii, PS3 and 360 games available for the PS4, 'Durango' and Wii U,digitally.

      On a total ADD moment, if I recall correctly, Nintendo has been the only company to keep BC as a somewhat constant, since the GBC. I believe the only exception was the cube, which was not BC with the N64 for obvious reasons, and of course the Famicom/NES and Gameboy, which were the first of their kind to begin with.