Op Ed : New Xbox & PS4 not Backward Compatible?

Will E3 Squash The Rumors of "Non-Backwards Compatible"  Next Gen XBox and PS4 or Squash the Desire of  Current System Holders to Upgrade?

A tweet from Kotaku caught my eye,Of course I had to swing over to check this out for myself. The first post I see?

Of course much of this is speculation but, Hmmm. Many points claiming everything from the engine used to game play mechanics, including the Mock Up of the PS4 controller. I've heard the grumbling of many customers about the current price and non-backwards play-ability, wishing to buy the 360 or PS3, So I have yet to imagine the new system's price point. But to shell that out and then Have to buy new games for it? Forget the blow to those that resell used games. They will either be unable to due to the embedded 1use registration code or limited pre-owned stock.

Shelf Life of 360 and PS3 Systems?
Price Point of the older systems after Release?
Big leaps between memory like the 4Gig and 250Gig 360?
What about those folks that signed up for the $99 Xbox that still have payments? How cheated will they feel?
The Super Baby Slim or pet-named PS3.5 owners?

I now it's a bit early to say anything is concrete, and every minute I spend thinking about the new systems a new question comes to mind
. Am I praying to the Gaming Gods they do indeed make these Backwards compatible? Of Course! But we know they have selective hearing.

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