Sony announces Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary sale for Playstation Network

Today on the Playstation Blog, Sony announced a sale in honor of the 25th Anniversary of  Final Fantasy, that would begin tommorow (02/05/2013).

A dozen Final Fantasy games will be 50% off, follow the break to see which ones!

You made it? Good, cause this is a sweet sale and worthy of any and every Final Fantasy fan!

These games are part of this amazing sale:

Final Fantasy (PS One Classic)
Final Fantasy II (PS One Classic)
Final Fantasy IV : Complete Collection (PSP)
Final Fantasy V (PS One Classic)
Final Fantasy VI (PS One Classic)
Final Fantasy VII (PSOne Classic)
Final Fantasy VIII (PS One Classic)
Final Fantasy IX (PS One Classic)
Final Fantasy Tactics : War of  the Lions (PSP)
Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP)
Dissidia 012 (Duodecim) Final Fantasy (PSP)
Dissidia Duodecim Prologus Final Fantasy (PSP)

Now for the PS One Classic Final Fantasy games, that's about 5 bucks a game... Think about that, folks... A Lincoln--- one Lincoln for games like Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX!? More so, Final Fantasy , Final Fantasy II, V and VI!?

Add to that, on your PS3 and on the go via your PSP, or PSPGo?

Oh yeah, and Final Fantasy Tactics : WotL??? Yeah, that's a Lincoln too!

Final Fantasy IV : Complete Collection, which includes the sequel to FFIV : The After Years, and the 'Interlude Chapters' as well, will run you a ten spot. That's $10, peeps.

Might as well title this sale, Grand Theft RPG.

On top of that, Dissidia, and Dissidia 012 will be $10, and Prologus will weigh in at $1.50...

Sale starts tommorow, so grab some extra memory cards if need be and stock on what will be a massive addition to any RPG lovers PSP library!


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