Wii U Rayman Legend fans rally for its original release date

Ubisoft has found itself in quite the storm of controversy in regards to their intentional decision to push back their once Nintendo Wii U  exclusive game, Rayman Legends.

Fans of the game, and Wii U have banded together, all over the internet. Posting everywhere from Facebook and Twitter, to Youtube and The Official Ubisoft forums. To the farthest reaches of the web have these fans reached out, forum after forum as they sound the horns of battle. They are calling upon Ubisoft to release the finished game, as previously promised.

And it doesn't end there.
Even Internet Hitler is in on the action!

And within the latest salvo lobbed at Ubisoft, we find a Petition calling for the release of the game.

A petition that is steadily gaining moment with over 4000 signatures in about 24 hours time.

Personally, I do not think Ubisoft expected this kind of backlash, however they are knee deep in it, as we speak and so far the only bit of an apology offered by the Publisher was an exclusive demo, for the Wii U faithful.

September is a long time coming for the Wii U faithful, and I have a feeling its about to get a lot longer for Ubisoft if the fans have their say.

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