Capcom reveals Disney's DuckTales Remastered for WiiU, PS3 and 360

Alright, I am going to seriously mark out here, but that's okay. You know why that's okay? Don't think too hard cause I'm gonna tell you, anyways (like you didn't know that). I am marking out here because Capcom released a video at PAX East this week, and that video was a revealing of an HD remastered release for one of the greatest platformer games of all time, DuckTales for the NES!

And it's coming out this summer for the Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360...

Boo yeah! Follow the link for more!

So this summer, many of us will be able to relive an awesome part of our lives as gamers in the form of the remastered HD release of DuckTales from Capcom. For those of you who were not able to experience this awesome piece of gaming goodness, get ready for what many consider to be one of the best Capcom has ever made and more so, one of the best games to grace the NES ever.

This remastered version will feature original levels from the NES version, along with new areas added, and newly changed up Boss patterns so all of us fans who have played this before will not be able to simply breeze on through the game. The graphically the game will showcase 2-D characters set in 3-D modeled levels.

So look for this on XBox Live, PSN and the Nintendo e-shop, it'll cost ya $14.99 and in my most humble marked out opinion as a huge fan of the series, and the people behind it (ya may have heard of another project these guys did, a lil game called--- Mega Man) I know it will be $14.99 well spent!



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