Help Kickstart Project Shadows!

With six days to go, Project Shadows has already hit it's funding goal of $3000 3 times over, but every little bit helps and it will help this comic make it into your local comic shop... if you still have one locally....

The brainchild of artist Alfred Trujillo and written by Alfred and Cara Nicole, aka AZ Powergirl, this is a story taking place in a dark future....

As described on the Kickstarter page:
A world in RUINS. Isolation. Destruction. DEATH. You do whatever you can to survive. Welcome to 2050. Half the world population, gone. Ten years after the forced EVOLUTION of man heralded a massive world war, Samantha’s fight is just beginning. Searching for herself across the wastelands, on the run from an oppressive government and creatures left behind as reminders of the massacre, she must choose between running forever as host of a power she never wanted or fighting for what’s right and very possibly meet her DEMISE. With humankind on the balance, what will she do? With stakes so high. Paths so perilous. Enemies at every turn. Catch the danger, the intrigue, the eminent destruction. The revolution is a WAVE.
Sounds interesting...

So what are your waiting for? Jump over to Kickstarter now! There are still a few interesting stretch goals available... And no, none of them will include a visit from AZ Powergirl :(

Source: Kickstarter

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