Sony sales for the PSP Vita climb in the wake of its price drop

 In the wake of last month’s announcement for a PSP Vita price drop, Sony of Japan has announced a sharp increase of sales for its hand held system, showing that the price point fix was the way to go, as Nintendo had done once before with the Nintendo 3DS.

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According to,  sales for the Vita topped the hardware charts for the week of 02/25/2013-03/03/2013 with 62,543 sold. While some may say that number seems low, they need to consider this little fact.
Lifetime sales for the system BEFORE this spike in sales was, 11,456.
So in one week we have seen a spike of sales of roughly six times, the previous lifetime total.
Well played Sony… Well played indeed.
Like Nintendo before you, you’ve shown that the simplest of measures can show a drastic change in direction. Now comes the hard part--- keeping that momentum
Let’s look at that library of games…
We need a library that will make people want to not only keep their Vita systems, but  tell their friends to get off their couches, and buy one for themselves. We need killer app titles, and a nice mix of genres. We need less ports, and more original works. We need less half thought after digitally released games, and more of the collector side of things that companies like XSeed have given us during the life of the PSP.
We need imports, and domestics alike. We need backwards compatibility with PSP downloaded games that we have bought over the years, cause trust me I WANT to play Phantasy Star Universe Portable, and Valkyria Chronicles II on my Vita, along with many of the other games, I can’t seem to currently play on this amazing system.
However, while all of this needs to be done, there is one small thing that we truly need here on the western frontier.
We need that price cut as well…
We need that first step, Sony. Give more gamers that incentive that get this system and see what it can really do.
I really am pulling for this system, and not as a ‘fanboy’ of any kind. I want this system to succeed, because I know for a fact that Sony will find games that Nintendo will not release on the portable front. More so I know there are a ton of games out there that the 3DS cannot handle in any way, shape or form that the Vita can easily take head on.
That gives us diversity, and competition and the business needs that.

Also on another note, Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Vita also went on sale in Japan, the same week of the Vita sales surge. It sold 61,227 units. Not bad for a game that is Free to Play, eh?

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