Thoughts: Green Lantern and Young Justice series Finales

In a move that once again caused a good series to be cut short, Cartoon Network has failed to renew both Green Lantern The Animated Series and Young Justice. The move repeats what happened to both Justice League Unlimited and the Thundercats reboot. Unlike Thundercats, both series were able to complete their current story arcs.

In a move that many series rarely ever get, fans won't be left wondering if Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and Razer managed to prevent Aya from destroying all life or if The Reach were really just going leave Earth quietly. And before you ask or wonder, I will not spoil them here.

This brings me to my point....Yes, I am an adult that enjoys watching cartoons. I also enjoy shows that require some some thought. With the massive amount of shows that require zero thought on Cartoon Network it was always airing, a handful of shows have managed to get me to comeback. I'm sorry, but shows like Adventure Time, Total Drama anything, Annoying Orange, the ENTIRE live action lineup, and most of Adult Swim drive me insane.

Over the past 2 decades I have seen Cartoon Network go from something great to something that no longer grabs my interest. I understand the network is primarily aimed at children, but at the same time there is also a large adult fan base. With that fan base, Adult Swim just doesn't cut it.

With that said, what is one to do? must I just bite the bullet and go with online streaming services? That would help get my Anime fix, but what of US based animated series?

What do you think?

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