WTH? Disney Kills LucasArts!

RIP: 1982-2013
Well, another month and another game company gone. This one is a HUGE surprise! Disney, in its infinite wisdom, has Closed down LucasArts and cancelled Star Wars 1313 and First Assault! Not to sure about First Assault, but 1313 was a huge departure from the standard LucasArts Star Wars game. Taking place in the Underworld or the Star Wars Universe, 1313 was an all new game with a great graphics engine pushing it.

LucasArts has a long heritage of great games, from Rebel Assault, Grim Fandango, Dark Forces and more! They will be missed...

So now that's Stdio Liverpool (Psygnosis), THQ and now this....

And to see what we will never get to play....

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