From The GameStop Expo... Sony PS4 Slides And Major Nelson!

With the GameStop Expo open to the public today, we had a chance to sit down for both Sony's and Microsoft's PR sessions. It was funny watching both sides egging each other on. Sony was almost all video, where Major Nelson held a QA session. Sony showed a video that said "We Didn't build a Box". Major Nelson stated "We're not going to bombard you with video, we want an open dialog!

Too bad everyone that asked Major Nelson either asked questions that were answered at Gamescon or worse. ! person asked "What incentive will Microsoft give to the fans that were disenchanted with the flip flop on policies concerning the Xbox One?" Microsoft Listened to the fans, that was incentive enough in my book. Another person asked if Microsoft would be freely sending all Kinect data to the NSA! HE was kinda booed away!

After the break you can see the static slides from Sony's presentation and well, a pic of Major Nelson.


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