New And Upcoming Japanese PS3 Titles

A video montage was shown including :

Armored Core Verdict Day, Rain, GTAV, Tales of Symphonia, Beyond Two Souls, BlazBlue Chronophantasma, Book of Spells, Rocksmith 2014, Unknown strategy rpg, Monster Hunter, Lightning Returns, Super Robot Wars OG Infinite battle, The Walking Dead, Batman Arkham Origins, Drag on dragoon 3, Ace Combat Infinity, Sengoku Basara 4, J-Stars VS, Dark Souls 2.

A Gran Turismo 6 overview was shown. New engine, new maps, and community features from PS3, Smartphones, tablets and more. Vision GanTurismo, new concept cars from auto makers and other companies like Nike is a 15 anniversary project. No idea if these videos for GT6 are real-time or pre-rendered, but they look freaking AMAZING! If they are real-time, then why bother with a PS4?

J-Stars VS has me VERY interested. Ichigo from Bleach was shown onscreen with Goku from DBZ!!

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