Synology Announces The Release Of The RS214

Need a 1U rack mounted NAS, but don't need too many hard drives creating a ton of noise and heat? Synology has got you covered with their latest, the RS214! Aimed at small "creative" businesses, the RS214 is a 2 bay, hot swappable, rack mountable and nicely priced NAS that fits the bill.

Running specs similar to the DS213J, you'll get:
- 1.2 GHz with FPU
- 512MB of DDR3 RAM
- 2 Gigabit NICs
- 2 USB 3.0, and 2 USB 2.0 ports

All running on Synology's GREAT DSM software platform!

Read the full press release after the jump!

From Synology:

Introducing RackStation RS214: Synology Debuts Their Latest 2-Bay, 1U
Rackmount NAS for Small Creative Organizations and Businesses

Bellevue Washington - Synology is pleased to announce the release of
the RackStation RS214; their latest 2-bay,1U rackmount NAS. Featuring
easy data management, and sharing, the RS214 is designed to serve
creative business users with modest storage needs.

Powered by a 1.2 GHz processor, and utilizing link aggregation, the
RS214 delivers an average of 70 MB/sec writing speed, and over 160
MB/sec reading under RAID1 configuration in a Windows environment.

The built-in floating-point unit enhances multimedia processing,
while the 512MB DDR3 RAM, boost multi-tasking performance. Featuring
a compacting design in 12-inch depth, the RS214 fits into 2-post rack
and wall mount rack without additional rail kit

The RS214 is designed for reliability. Dual LAN failover support
ensures continual network uptime, and its hot-swappable drive-bays
make for easy disk replacement. The bays are also equipped with
locking mechanisms, to prevent unintentional access.

"The RS214 is a great value when it comes to 2-bay rackmount NAS
devices." said Thadd Weil, Public Relations Manager for Synology
America Corp. "With two gigabit NICs, and two USB 3.0 interfaces, the
RS214 offers a multitude of connectivity options for creative

As with all Synology NASs, the RS214 runs on DiskStation Manager
(DSM). Now in version 4.3, DSM provides an intuitive web-based
operating system that comes with a host of applications to augment
Synology NASs.

For more information, please visit

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