The Might No. 9 Is Funded In Less Than 2 Days (UPDATED)

You see Capcom, people have wanted a real, new Mega Man game. After only 2 days, Keiji Inafune's The Mighty No. 9 is at $910,000, which is above it's funding goal! Next up are stretch goals for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U ports!

Well, we now get to battle Might No.1-8 as 1 stretch goal was met.
Also, Mac and Linux gamers can get in on the fun!

Update #2
Mighty No. 9 has passed the $1.5 million mark!!! That means we now get New Game+ and Turbo Modes!!! $2.2 million is now the mark for console ports as the stretch goals have been moved around.

Curious what the ?|??? will net supporters? I know I am!

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