Sony Releases Detailed PS4 FAQ... And Includes Some Downers :(

Well, the PS4 is about 2 weeks away, and the Dual Shock 4 and Killzone can be bought in stores. With that said, Sony has released a detailed FAQ about the PS4.... and if you are a media junkie (and decided to grab something like the Synology DS214play), then you may be a bit disappointed.

Don't get me wrong. The PS4 is a great and powerful system, but some features users may be used to will no longer be available. Such as:

HDMI will be the ONLY means of video out. So, it may be time to upfrade some TV's or projectors!

While the HDD is upgradable, USB will not be an option, so if you want more storage, you are buying a new HDD.

No DLNA or Audio CD support! This could change after the fact, but at launch, these are a no go.

Read more at The PlayStation Blog

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