Synology Announces The DS214+

Synology is on a roll with the DS214 line as the DS214+ has been announced! With a Dual Core CPU, a full 1GB of RAM, 2 Gigabit network jacks, USB 3.0, AND eSATA, this is aimed at the small business/Power User!

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From Synology:

Synology Releases Its Latest 2-Bay High Performance NAS for Small Business – The DS214+

Bellevue, Washington—Synology America Corp. announces the pending release of the all-new DS214+. Optimized for small businesses, this dual-bay NAS sets a new benchmark for price and performance.

Read/write speeds have nearly doubled over the DS213+. The DS214+ takes full advantage of its new dual-NIC design, by enabling link aggregation (LAG) for increased throughput and failover. With LAG enabled, the DS214+ can now achieve read performance of over 200MB/s and over 150MB/s for write.

The new case design makes installation and maintenance easier than before. Each hot-swappable bay uses Synology’s new tool-less drive caddies. Each bay can now be locked, to prevent accidental removal.

Among its other attributes, the DS214+ now has a faster Dual-Core ARM processor, and a full gigabyte of RAM. The unit is especially responsive when it comes to multitasking using Synology’s award-winning DiskStation Manager (DSM 4.3) OS.

With DSM 4.3 the DS214+ supports features like:
• Cloud Station with selective sync – Keep files, file-types, and folders in sync across all of your devices
• Encrypted network backup over Rsync, HTTPS, and VPN connections – to keep data transfers private between networks
• File Station folder link sharing – easily share data without having to set up custom permissions

• LDAP Directory Server – Backup and restore LDAP databases
• iOS, Android, and Windows Phone support – for convenient remote access

“The DS214+ is every bit an improvement over the DS213+,” said Thadd Weil, public relations manager at Synology America Corp. “It offers nearly double the performance at an extremely attractive price.”

For more information, please see:

The Synology DiskStation DS214+ are now shipping globally, and will be available in the United States in early December.


Slated to land under $390

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