Our Top Picks From CES 2014!

Well, CES is now behind us and we have tons to sort through. While we do that, we'll give you some opinions on what we thought was our favorites.

First up was NVIDIA's Tegra K1. By now everyone has seen the reveal video and the press conference. Going into the booth, our minds were collectively blown. The first two K1 devices we saw were on prototype boards that look like a double stacked micro ITX motherboard. One was running 4K video to 2 screens. The video was clear and no stutters to be seen. The second was showing in car use, giving real time lane detection, collision warnings, car tracking, current speed and more! Needless to say, the K1 is a game changer for Android and mobile computing as a whole.

Next up was a modified Tegra Note 7. The memory and Tegra 4 were swapped for a Tegra K1 and 4Gb of ram. After seeing the K1 real time demos in person, NO ONE should buy another tablet until the K1 hits the market. Considering it was a rough prototype that was not optimized much, it was the smoothest running Android experience I have ever had. Not just gameplay, even though Anomaly 2 was running silky smooth with a custom K1 build, but the OS itself was highly responsive. If this tablet form of the K1 can hit the market before fall, everyone should just leave the market.

The second thing at CES that made us say WOW was VOXX Intl's 360 Fly. At a size similar to a cue ball, this little marvel uses EyeSee360°'s panoramic video tech and elevates it to doing 360° by 240° video... all with NO MOVING PARTS! Recording at 1500x1500, you mount this orb to a tripod, helmet, bike, just about everything and it will grab almost everything surrounding it. From what we shown, video files can get large, hitting over 600MB for a few minutes of video at max resolution. Since this 360 Fly can connect to your PC or phone, we are pretty sure some kind of compression will be available for mobile users. Also shown was a cellphone variant that looks like an upgraded version for GoPano's variant that also gives you the full 360° by 240° video.

Also, a possibility.... A rep from FORD who deals with buying the optics for their cars and a rep from VOXX were discussing the possibility of roof mounting the 360 Fly to a mustang to use as a 360° race cam. Considering with the proper equipment, live streaming is possible as well, this would make races more interesting. Even for insurance companies, can you imagine if someone wasn't paying attention and hit you, of course denying that they were at fault. Now imagine going into court with video of the guilty party chatting on his phone while eating a bowl of cereal and clipping his toe nails. This tech could be huge!

While there was way more at CES, these were our favorites.

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