Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Is Out!

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Launch Trailer

Today, the collaboration between Tecmo Koei and Concept comes to fruition. Today you take the undead ninja, Yaiba, on a zombie slashing spree on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3! Why are you still here and not playing the game yet? Waiting for the STEAM release instead? Well, you're going to wait a few more days as Yaiba will slash up STEAM on the 21st!

 A "Thank You" letter from Team Ninja and Comcept can be read after the break!

A note from Keiji Inafune [comcept] & Yosuke Hayashi [Team NINJA]  

To our loyal fans,  

We are so happy that the day has come when we can share YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z with the world. To say that we are excited and proud of the game we have created is an understatement. This has been a passionate project for all of us— comcept, Team NINJA, Spark Unlimited – as we went into this two years ago to construct something very unique by combining our different perspectives, ideas and talents. Sharing our collaborative vision with gamers as the project came together has been one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences we have ever had as developers.

We are confident that YAIBA represents a different NINJA GAIDEN experience— and that’s intentional on our part. You will experience elements from the NINJA GAIDEN universe in YAIBA, but having the freedom and flexibility to experiment and try something new, has allowed us to offer you, the player, something fresh and interesting. It is not meant to be NINJA GAIDEN 4 but instead it is meant to be its own legacy.

We learned so much and had a great time creating this project, and we now hope you have an even better time playing YAIBA for yourself. We hope that you will see our vision and like the direction we took the game. We’re now counting the seconds until we can hear about your experience and very much looking forward to your feedback!

Thank you for your continued support. Please enjoy!

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