Survive! Mr. Cube Lands On The Nintendo eShop

What happens when you drop a Minecraft-like character into a rougelike survival game? You end up frustrated beyond belief.... I mean you end up with the adorably hard Survive! Mr. Cube. The same game just released recently on the PS4. Intragames promises the same visuals across both games, so your many deaths should look just the same on the Switch in TV and portable modes as it does on the PS4.

Available Now on the Nintendo eShop
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From Intragames:

Rogue-lite Action Game Survive! Mr. Cube release in eShop today

 Survive! Mr.Cube for Nintendo Switch released simultaneously globally

Intragames (CEO Bae Sang-chan) announced that Survive! Mr. Cube is finally released today, June 28, 2018 for Nintendo Switch.

Survive! Mr. Cube is a Rogue-lite action game you can enjoy casually. The players have to find the gatekeepers of the portals protected by a locked tower and have to escape from the unknown world. There are four themes consisting of a total of 25 stages and the hideous monster crowds press the player. If the player gets killed in the fight, everything that was gained from the game is lost except GOLD and will start all over again from the beginning with a new character, the rouge-like system. In order to increase the survival rate, the items have to be used in the right place and search for the items assiduously to grow the character’s ability.

The players can enjoy the game with the same contents and performance provided in PlayStation®4. The developers focused on control layout for user’s better experience on portable mode and it is made in high resolution which can be enjoyed the same visual quality as TV mode.

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